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Traditional Paintings
Genesis:  Patta Painting is a major traditional painting of Orissa. Patta Painting is drawn in a unique Orissan style on hand-made canvas (patti) using natural vegetable/mineral dyes. Traditionally Patta Painting was used in temples and palaces but now it adorns the drawing room of every household. This art form originated from the rituals of Lord Jagannath intertwined in the cultural ethos of Orissa and depicts mainly mythological stories. The major centres of Patta Paintings are Puri, Raghurajpur, Dandasahi, Bhubaneswar, Mathura in Ganjam, Jaipur, Paralakhemundi etc. This type of paintings is also drawn on dried palm leaves using iron stylus.

Present Scenario: Patta painting in its original forms is a collector’s item for art connoisseurs through out the world. Besides this style of painting is used on utility items like gift box, calendar, visiting card, invitation card, photo stand, partisan wall etc. The demand for the products are going day by day.

Clusters in Patta Painting/Palm leaf engraving :

SL. NO. Crafts Cluster No of SHGS No of Artisan
1 Kenduli in Khurda 04 45
2 Sishupalgarh in Khurda 04 60
3 Dandasahi in Puri 02 30
4 Khamango in Khurda 03 50
5 Andharua in Khurda 02 03
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