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Stone Carving
Genesis: Stone Carving is one of the major handicrafts of Orissa. The craft finds its genesis in ancient temples, palaces, forts, monuments etc. Both hard and soft stones are used for carving. Hard stones like black granite, sand stone, red stone, weather resistant and used for temples, monuments and other exterior works. Soft stones like Kendumundi, green stone are used for carving interior decorative works.

Present scenario: The craft is till practice through out Orissa. Decorative items like statute of God & Goddess, Devdashi and utility items like table lamp stand, pen stand, table bowl, door panel, flower vase etc. are largely marketed through out India and abroad. Traditional stone carving clusters are located at Puri, Konark, Bhubaneswar, Khiching, Soro Baulagadia, Dhakota, The Stone Carving of Orissa has created a niche for itself in the international market through modern-day design interventions.
Clusters in Stone Carvings :
SL. NO. Crafts Cluster No of SHGS No of Artisan
1 Narangarh in Khurda 04 60
2 Soro Baulagadia in Balasore 10 150
3 Khiting in Mayurbhanj 05 75
4 Chhatia in Jajpur 04 60
5 Dha Kota in Keonjhar 04 60
6 Kandhagarh in Kalahandi 04 60
7 Chhaitana in Puri 07 107
8 Puri-Konark 12 200
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