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Dhokra Craft
Genesis:  Dhokra casting is a very special art form of Orissa, where metal can be given any shape in order to create beautiful artifacts. However, it is not metal works, rather artistry in bee wax that gives uniqueness to the craft. The craft finds its genesis in the traditional metal casting techniques of the tribes of Orissa i.e. “Lost Wax Technique” and “Coiled Thread Technique”. Major centres of Dhokra casting are Sadeibareni, Kuliana, Adakata etc.

Present Scenario: The demands for Dhokra Products are growing day by day due to continuous product development supports given to the artisans
Clusters in Dhokra Casting Craft :
SL. NO. Crafts Cluster No of SHGS No of Artisan
1 Keshorenagar in Angul 06 45
2 Barbarisingh in Cuttack 04 60
3 Narsinghpur in Cuttack 04 60
4 Bairpali in Malkangir 05 75
5 Jayantinagar, Jhaliaguda in Nabarangpur 05 75
6 Papi, Jampali in Subernpur 03 45
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