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Applique Craft
Genesis: Applique is a special craft of Orissa where a patch of colour cloths cut in different motifs is fixed on another cloth by stitching to produce elegant articles. This craft is closely connected with Jagannath cult of Orisa. The articles made of appliqué work are traditionally used at temples and cultural festivals. The major centres of this crafts are Pipili, Puri, Banmalipur, Kanchana in Ganjam, Sonepur etc.

Present scenario: The traditional appliqué works have evolved into modern appliqué or patch work through design interventions. These days articles made of appliqué like garden umbrella, ladies umbrellas, lamp shade, door & window screens, hand bags, wall handing etc. are found in every household. These products are also exported to European and Pan American countries.
Clusters in Applique Craft :
SL. NO. Crafts Cluster No of SHGS No of Artisan
1 Pipili & Delanga in Puri 06 90
2 Kanas in Puri 05 75
3 Dandamukundapur in Puri 04 60
4 Satyabadi in Puri 05 75
5 Khairpadar in Kalahandi 02 30
6 Komna in Nuapada 04 60
7 42-Mouza in Cuttack 04 60
8 Naugaon in Jagatsinghpur 04 60
9 Ghoradia in Puri 04 60
10 Kakatpur in Puri 02 30
11 Puri Town 02 30
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